Winter 2017

meet our featured photographer 

Take a peek inside life lived among wolves

Conserving and protecting the wilderness and species which dwell within it is key to a thriving, beautiful planet. Sometimes, such work can bring you closer than ever to the wild, living among those very species. And so it is for our Winter 2017 Featured Photographer.

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Sander Jain

Sander Jain is an outdoor-photojournalist with a comprehensive approach to wilderness, adventure, Natural History and conservation topics. Born and raised in Germany Sander fell in love with the Canadian west coast in 2008. The wild and mysterious charm of this part part of the world has captivated him ever since. His work explores the interface between the human realm and the greater natural context and appears in such publications as BBC Wildlife, GEO, Explore Magazine, Adventure Kayak, Natural History Magazine, as well as among Editor’s Favourites in National Geographic Photo Contest 2012. Today Sander lives on a remote island in Clayoquot Sound on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island. 

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