September 2016

meet our featured photographers 

Taking our outdoor obsession to a whole new level

Outdoor exploration and adventure is a key part of our daily lives, and with the constant battle to protect & preserve National Parks across North America, we chose to focus on these stunning Parks as the theme for our Fall Issue, captured beautifully by our Featured Photographers.

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Marie Scholz

"My name is Marie! I’m a 21 year old part time media student, part time photo taker, and full time seeker of magic, but not the Harry Potter kind. I guess that’s where my inspiration comes from. Nature is by far the closest thing to magic that I have ever come across. It communicates in a way that’s ineffable. I started shooting two years ago and soon became passionate about everything outdoors. Photography became a way for me to develop relationships with friends and really get to know myself. It also gave me a thirst for travel that is never quite quenched. As a result, I tend to take a lot of risks as I leave on a whim or journey into the forest without bear spray (which I do not condone) but I’m fairly certain that reaching the top of a peak is the safest place someone can be in the world today." 

Yoho, Banff & Jasper National park // © Marie scholz // @mariescholz // website


Stevi McNeill

"I moved to the U.K at the age of 6 and would travel from the U.K to the U.S to spend the summers with family in Colorado. At a young age, I realized how photography could connect people to other cultures and lands, and it soon became my way of sharing and documenting both perspectives and ways of life with each other. I still find that true in what I do now. There is so much beautiful land for us to explore. I traveled the Rockies, the South-west and West Coast and still have so much more to explore, even right out my back door. Mount Audubon is one of the summits that is part of the Indian Peaks Wilderness, beautiful and unique. After walking through beautiful evergreens, the trail opens up to a rolling tundra and gorgeous views of the parks surrounding peaks and lakes and when there are fewer clouds around you can see Longs Peak the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park."

Mt. audubon // © stevi mcneill // @stevi.mcneill // website