June 2016

meet our featured photographers 

We're a little obsessed with Africa, does it show?

For our June digital issue, we wanted to focus on the beauty of African wildlife. From Giraffe and Lions, to Leopards and Penguins, our fascination with Africa's stunning species is perfectly captured by this issue's three featured photographers. 

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Stephanie Higgins

"Growing up in the Great Lakes region of Canada, I quickly developed a passion for wildlife and wild places. It wasn't until moving to the UK that I became inspired to interact with the landscape in more physical ways, by climbing, kayaking and skiing in remote wilderness areas. 

I have degrees in both Photography and Zoology, and combining the biology of wildlife with the art of imagery is a great passion of mine. This site is a place to showcase these images, as well as to discuss the experiences and science behind these animals and places, whether it is the analysis of animal behaviour, or a discussion of threats facing certain species and ecosystems.

I believe images can inspire change, and many of the species and ecosystems in my photographs are in danger of being lost forever. In appreciating their beauty, I hope to also highlight the fragility of these wild places and inspire people to want to protect them."

Giraffe throughout africa // © Stephanie Higgins


Megan Gardner

"Growing up with the Australian bush at my back door gave me a great appreciation for the outdoors and my love of animals. I find myself to be a bit of an animal activist, trying to promote awareness of the cruelty faced by animals on a daily basis, whether through poaching, hunting or any other form of animal abuse.

My biggest passion would have to be African wildlife; I finally went on safari in June 2015 to Tanzania where I saw first hand the iconic animals of the Serengeti and surrounding areas.

Capturing images of these beautiful animals was of great importance to me, as one day I fear they may not be here anymore. Going on a photographic safari can only help their situation by supporting local tour guides and local industries, therefore ensuring the survival of the national parks."

African Wildlife in the Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater // © Megan Gardner


Alison Lee Rubie

"There is an appeal of the beautiful landscapes and incredible animals of the continent of Africa to many people around the world. From the tiniest meerkat to the largest elephant there is something so immersing about the creatures that inhabit the lands. Captivated by these animals and filled with a desire to see them in the wild Alison Lee Rubie (photographer) heads to Africa whenever she has the chance (and the money!). 

On her most recent trip, Alison decided to explore the coast line as well as the bush and headed to Cape Town and its surroundings. One morning, she found herself on the crystal clear coast at Boulders Beach surrounded by African Penguins. Inspired by their beauty and the beauty of the surrounding behind them, Alison took to photographing her experience there. The photo of the lone penguin symbolizes their vulnerability and status of population. This photograph is being shared in hopes of drawing attention to this and encouraging people to help keep the ocean as crystal clear and untouched as we see it here. 

From the photographer: I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them. I hope through them you are able to feel the sand between your toes and the freshness in the air just as I did. Please help us to preserve their habitat by always taking your rubbish with you and leaving only your footprints in the sand."

Penguins at Boulders Beach // © Alison Lee Rubie