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At Out of Wilderness Magazine, we are dedicated to sharing stories, experiences, and awareness about the great outdoors. From adventures into the wilderness and ethical exploration to conservation and much more, we seek to help others discover the beauty of the outdoors with a conscious approach to protecting and preserving it. With a keen interested in travel stories, investigative writing, reportage, and photo essays, we love to showcase the work of passionate adventurers who also happen to care about this beautiful planet. 

The topics covered in both our quarterly digital Issues and our online Journal include photo essays, travel and adventure articles, brand features, and more, with an emphasis on nature and wildlife conservation. If you would like to contribute to one of our quarterly Issues and/or our Journal, please review the guidelines below and complete your contributor application. 

Stories & Imagery

Stories, articles, and other written contributions can range from 500-2,000 words in length. All written contributions should be submitted to us as a Word or Pages document. If contributing photography, all images must be at least 300dpi and should be shared with us via Dropbox or Google Drive. We ask that photographers refrain from submitting images with watermarks, logos, or other branding on the imagery (contributors are given full credit for their work). Photographers should submit no more than 10 photos of their choice. All content should be relevant to the theme/focus of the Issue for which you would like to contribute your work. For Journal contributions, we accept original pitches and ideas.


All articles and written content in both our online Journal and quarterly Issues are published in English. 


If OOW accepts your submission and moves forward with your work, we will still revise your work prior to publishing its final draft. This applies to both our quarterly Issue and Journal content. We ask that contributors carefully proofread their work before submitting it to us. 


At this time, OOW is unable to compensate contributors. We do our utmost to ensure all contributors are properly credited for their work and given exposure to their work. 


It is important to note that OOW only accepts original content and pitch ideas and those which are free from any/all copyright infringements. Please be aware that we carefully check all contributions to ensure originality and will not accept any content which has been previously published elsewhere. 

Magazine Contributor Application - Spring 2018 Issue ("Into the Wilderness")

Our Spring 2018 Issue, "Into the Wilderness," is a glimpse into the wild landscapes, hidden vistas, unexplored terrains and territories, and discovery of wildlife which shape our stunning surroundings. For this Issue, we will be highlighting adventure and travel stories, outdoor exploration, and the appreciation of wildlife through the lens, with articles, photo essays, and personal accounts. To contribute to our Spring 2018 Issue for one of these topics, please submit your application below.